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IFM Awards 2015
Best mobile trading
We are all living in a world where mobility matters most. The IFM Awards celebrated our excellence in providing mobile services to the European market.
IFM Awards 2015
Global Brands Magazine
Fastest growing
binary option brand
Global Brands Magazine, Britain's reputable brand observer, awarded IQ Option along with a number of outstanding European brands - an achievement worth working for.
Global Brands Magazine

IQ Option 4.0 Trading Software

The IQ Option trading software have been given a major makeover. They’re now smoother and more attractive. All of the various interface elements are based on WebGL, which is a software technology that displays complex, three-dimensional graphics inside a browser. 

User-friendly software for an optimised trading experience

Have you ever struggled to fit all nine binary options trading charts on the same screen? We solved this problem by implementing Emscripten technology in our latest trading retminal, which transfers the complex codes in desktop applications to websites seamlessly.


The dramatic improvement to the user interface makes the IQ Option software comparable to other professional desktop trading systems. It is now possible to choose from dozens of chart locations and configurations. Our latest upgrade also allows you to increase and decrease the size of each browser window independently. 

View two years of historical binary options quotes

How can you possibly analyze trading quotes if you can’t view historical data over the course of the last day, week or month? Accurate analyzing of quotes is almost impossible without the necessary data and software, which is why the latest version of IQ Option gives you more information on binary options than ever before. View historical quotes for the last two years within the newly designed browser. For the first time, one of the best trading software allows you to analyze quotes and buy binary options in the same window, thanks to the new IQ Option trading software. 

Candlesticks now display binary options data for up to a month

Candlestick analysis is now easier and more comprehensive than ever. The period used for the creation of candlesticks now ranges from one second to a month — you choose the scale that works for your binary options trades.

Technical analysis of binary trades made easier with new indicators

The IQ Option trading terminal is now more professional and easier to analyze. The latest software includes a range of new and more sophisticated indicators, including MACD, Parabolic Sar, Stochastic Oscillator and Awesome Oscillator. There are more technical analysis possibilities with IQ Option 4.0 than ever before.

Fibonacci lines

Support lines and resistance lines are two of the most popular analytical tools used by traders dealing in binary options. IQ Option 4.0 takes trading analysis to the next level with the use of Fibonacci Lines. Not only does this facility define the strength of a trend with pinpoint accuracy, it also displays correction levels of binary options in a clear and concise way.

Bar charts

The redesigned bar chart (histogram) significantly improves the analysis of long-term trends. The IQ Option 4.0 bar charts take up for less space than linear or band charts, but they provide more information than candlesticks. Each bar shows the opening price of binary options, the closing price and the minimums and maximums within the defined time period.

Fast trading software for Mac and Windows

The new IQ Option 4.0 software can be downloaded and installed on your desktop. The client for PC has been optimized for both Mac and Windows for seamless operation. IQ Option also utilizes cross-platform architecture with OpenGI technology — ensuring the performance of the platform isn’t affected by the performance of your computer.