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If you are serious about earning with stocks, we suggest you take the time to learn how to do it with a free demo account from IQ Option. The demo account is risk-free and does not involve the use of any real-life funds. Every IQ Option client has access to a replenishable $10,000 demo account.

Why using the Free Demo Account?

One of the simplest methods to trade stocks, commodities and currencies is with stocks. If your strategy and forecast is sound, and the price of the asset you choose is moving in the right direction.

Problems arise when a trader does not make consistently sound decisions, which is far more difficult than it appears. It takes a lot of practice to become a good trader.

Here at IQ Option we know the most common pitfalls of novice traders and provide customers with an opportunity to sharpen their skills before diving into the world of trading.

The company has also dedicated a team of experts to ensure that their clients gain full support while using the demo account and have all the knowledge and tools they may need before entering the real market.

IQ Option tournaments
IQ Option tournaments

What is the demo account

The free demo account works exactly as the real one, giving novice traders the opportunity to test-drive the system in advance. It is vital for traders to familiarize themselves with various trading techniques before investing their own funds.

One of the demo account’s advantages is a chance to use different technical analysis tools such as candlestick charts, Fibonacci retracements, pivot point trading etc.

Becoming familiar with specialized techniques and secrets and having absolutely no risk involved making the learning process simple. Practicing on a fully functional demo platform while also being able to compare trade results based on fundamental versus technical analysis strategy can enhance the trading strategies and risk management of traders.

Are the quotes real?

Yes, all quotes used for your demo account are the exact copy of the quotes used for real accounts and 100% real.

In this regard trading with a demo account is in no way different from trading on a real account. This approach will help new traders to work out the correct attitude and become totally accustomed to the business methods, rules and regulations of trading.

All quotes used for your demo account are the exact copy of the quotes used for real accounts and 100% real
All quotes used for your demo account are the exact copy of the quotes used for real accounts and 100% real

Open Free Demo Account

IQ Option is a professional brokerage company that understands the emotional involvement certain traders feel towards trading.

We have, therefore, made it possible for traders to practice their skills and strategies on a demo account whenever they want and regardless their real account balance.

IQ Option has a £10 deposit policy, which, of course, is not applicable to demo accounts. The latter can be used both before and after replenishing the real account. Once ready to participate in real-life operations, many traders choose to replenish the account with the minimal deposit. Don’t forget that trading using a demo account is an important step for any novice trader.

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