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IFM Awards 2015
Best mobile trading
We are all living in a world where mobility matters most. The IFM Awards celebrated our excellence in providing mobile services to the European market.
IFM Awards 2015
Global Brands Magazine
Fastest growing
binary option brand
Global Brands Magazine, Britain's reputable brand observer, awarded IQ Option along with a number of outstanding European brands - an achievement worth working for.
Global Brands Magazine

Open Binary Trading Demo Account

If you are serious about earning with binary options, we suggest you take the time to learn how to do it with a free demo account from IQ Options. The demo account is a risk free and does not involve using real funds. Once you have registered for your demo account, IQ Option will provide you with a virtual deposit of £1000 “practice money” for you to use with the demo products.

Why does Free Demo Account make sense, and pounds?

One of the simplest methods to trade stocks, commodities and currencies is with binary options. If your strategy and forecast is sound, and the price of the asset you choose to trade is moving in the right direction, you are bound to be in the money.

The problems arises when a trader does not make consistently sound decisions, which is far more difficult than it appears and takes practice to become successful.

IQ Option know the pitfalls involved which is why they have gone to great lengths to ensure that all their binary options customers receive the best training using a free demo account. The company has dedicated a team of experts to ensure that their clients gain full support whilst using the demo, and have all the knowledge and tools they deserve before they enter the full online live IQ Option UK, binary options platform:

Binary options demo

The free demo accont works exactly as the live platform allowing the novice trader the opportunity to test-drive the same system used by professional brokers. It is vital that traders are completely familiar with the various binary options techniques.

One of the main advantages of using the demo is that the person learning to trade uses all the tools such as candlestick charts, Fibonacci retracements, hedging techniques and pivot point trading. Becoming familiar with the specialized techniques and secrets and having absolutely no risk involved makes the learning process more enjoyable. By practicing on a fully functional binary options demo platform and being able to compare trade results based on fundamental versus technical analysis strategy, the risk to capital is zero.

Are there real quotes on demo?

People are choosing this professional company due to their sincere and honest approach to business. The demo account is 100% free for their customers to use for as long as they require. It allows new traders to form the correct binary options habits and become totally accustomed to the business methods, rules and regulations of how to trade binary options successfully and professionally.

IQ Option free demo account

The demo uses real time quotes, provided by Thomson Reuters, ensure the learner is able to formulate trend-trading strategies using the most up-to-the-minute information related to news and markets.

IQ Option is a professional brokerage company who understand the emotional stress that binary options, can and does place on novice and seasoned traders. They have made the free binary options demo available so that there is not added distress placed on the practice format by keeping the system close to the real thing, without having continued badgering phone calls from over-zealous, unscrupulous brokers.

IQ Option has a £10 deposit policy. It is important to note that this is not for use in the Free Binary Options Demo Account. This money credited to your live account once you are ready to begin actively working live. You can begin with this small amount as many novice traders do. A demo account is probably the most important step in every new trader’s education. The honesty and sincerity of IQ Option is evident from their customer feedback. With this in mind customers feel extremely comfortable investing their funds with the company, knowing that they are providing the best system with free binary options training.