How to make big money in the UK thanks to IQ Option and Forex

IQ Option offers to UK traders a good way to make a great profit on Forex

Each new day is unique. Therefore, we must enjoy life and receive positive emotions. 

But the modern economy is designed so that most people have to work hard to pay bills, loans, and other needs. The lack of money deprives us of freedom, and we are forced to give up pleasure or a pleasant rest, choosing hard work or routine office work.

However, an intelligent person will always find a way out even of the most difficult situation. 

History knows many examples when not rich, but active people became millionaires and earned a fortune. And thanks to modern technology, this path has become much easier. For example, every British user can try Forex trading. Each client can earn a lot of money in a short time if he learns more about foreign exchange trading and understands the principles of the exchange.

But the main thing is that you need to choose the best broker who will provide access to the Forex market and offer the best conditions to your clients. A great option would be a major player - the company IQ Option.

 Leader Path - IQ Option Path

The Forex currency exchange was established in 1976, but only large corporations and influential investors could trade here. 

The situation has changed with the advent of new technologies. Thanks to brokers, users were able to trade and make a profit here. For nearly ten years, many clients from all over the world, including the UK, have been trading online. And this segment has leaders.

One of them is the IQ Option company, registered in 2013 on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 

Then there were already segment leaders, so the platform faced serious competition for the client. But the site was able to become popular and achieve real success. This was made possible thanks to customer care, excellent service, reliable protection and a huge number of additional benefits.

IQ Option offers the best opportunities to start bitcoin trading in UK
IQ Option offers the best opportunities to start bitcoin trading in UK

 The right choice - the main advantages of the IQ Option service

Today, several dozen brokers are represented on the market, and the British trader can choose any company. But he will make the right choice if he becomes an IQ Option client. Because this service is ready to offer more than competitors.


One person may be wrong. Even ten or one hundred people can be deceived. But the 40 million customers who have chosen IQ Option cannot make the wrong choice. Seven years of true success, progress, and an excellent reputation are the best evidence. Read the reviews of real users on the forums to see this.

 Legal business

IQ Option respects the law and acts exclusively in the legal field. This means that the company pays all taxes and offers the opportunities that comply with local laws. Therefore, every British user can earn big money legally and conveniently.

 Around the clock

IQ Option is open 24/7 for binary options trading. Access to the Forex currency exchange is possible from 0.00 Monday to 24.00 Friday. This means that every British trader can make money at any convenient time - even in the evening after work.

 Hacking protection

Nobody wants to be the victim of a scam or cybercriminal, right? Therefore, the IQ Option service provides a high degree of protection to its customers. For security, modern SSL 3.0 protocol is used with complex dynamic 256-bit code. This cipher is almost impossible to crack, so the hacker will not get access to your data (personal information, transaction details, credit card passwords, etc.). We also recommend reading the “Term & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” documents for more information (link at the bottom of the site).

 Just become a customer

To become an IQ Option customer, a British user must meet one criterion: to reach the age of 18. The registration option is available for free on the official website of the company. It is only necessary to come up with a username and password, as well as specify an email address. Now you have at your disposal all the features of the platform, and open the way to big money.

 Stylish website

The registration procedure is very simple and fast thanks to the stylish design and high-quality usability of the site. The page has been translated into 17 different languages, which is very convenient. Besides, a modern layout will allow you to quickly find the necessary section even for those users who do not have much experience with the computer.

 Trading with any assets

This is the first difficult choice for a British client - which asset to choose for bidding. Yes, IQ Option offers more than three hundred options: currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, company stocks, raw materials, precious metals, Forex market, etc. You just choose the option that suits you best.

 Profit from transactions

The path to financial success is fast thanks to a large percentage of profits. A successful transaction when trading binary options brings 70-80%. There is a large army of professional traders who increase the bank by 2-3 times per day. If we are talking about profit in the Forex market, then here the profit on one transaction can reach 30-40%.


The path to big money can be made as safe as possible if you open a demo account on the IQ Option website. After activating this account, the British client receives a deposit of 10,000 virtual dollars. All virtual transactions take into account real factors, which allows you to practice in practice, without the risk of losing real money.

 Deposit replenishment

After you decide to earn real money on Forex, you need to replenish the deposit. Replenishment is available through reliable and popular payment systems: Blockchain, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Visa, CoinBase, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro. Transaction processing takes several minutes and the exchange does not charge a commission. Besides, the minimum replenishment amount is $10, and the minimum transaction amount is $1. Therefore, you can even start the path to a million with a dollar in your pocket.

 Scam Protection

Even if the hacker finds out your account password, he still can not get your money. IQ Option carries out a verification procedure for each client. The British user must provide documents (passport or driver's license) to security officers for verification. The identification process takes up to 36 hours. Now, all profits will be paid only to the verified user to verified accounts.


If you want to make trading as efficient as possible, then IQ Option is a perfect choice. The company’s website has a special section with useful information. Here the British user can find articles analyzing popular strategies, read tips and history of successful professional traders, study forecasts and the latest market news. With IQ Option, you are progressing.


An interesting opportunity to try to win the competition with a large prize pool and real participants. You only need to buy a ticket ($4-20) and wait for the tournament to begin. Now there are 1000 virtual dollars in the account of the British client and it is necessary to get the maximum profit for some period. The prize fund is $3000-20000 and is distributed among the most successful traders.

 Individual settings

Each user can make trading as convenient and enjoyable as possible thanks to a wide range of settings. The IQ Option website allows you to add the most convenient signals and indicators to each chart.

 Premium account

The IQ Option service always offers more than its competitors. Each UK user can purchase a premium account and get many additional benefits. For example, he gets the opportunity to insure transactions, has priority on payments, gets the maximum percentage of profit, help from a personal manager, takes part in special tournaments and other options.

 A robot working for you

The IQ Option website allows the British client to download, connect and configure a special program. Now the robot will analyze the situation around the clock, select the most profitable deals, choose the ideal expiration time and work 24/7. Thanks to this, you can make a profit 24/7.

Become an IQ Option client to learn more about what is Forex trading
Become an IQ Option client to learn more about what is Forex trading

 Forex F.A.Q.

 What is the Forex market?

The Forex market is the largest and most active financial market in the world. The daily turnover on it exceeds 5 trillion. dollars. This is more than the turnover of all national stock markets combined. Forex market participants are the largest banks and central banks of different countries, investment and pension funds, large companies and private investors with huge personal capital. Transactions in this market start at $1 million.

The main principle of trading on the exchange is speculative trading. Before the transaction, you choose two different currencies - a currency pair. One of them is basic, the second is quoted. The task of the British client IQ Option is to predict how the rate of the quoted currency will change relative to the base one. If you are sure that the rate of the quoted currency will increase, you can open a transaction for its “purchase”. If you think that it will fall, it’s for a “sale”. The correct forecast makes a profit of 30-40% of the bank.

As we have already said, Forex is an international currency market where large players trade and deal with huge amounts (more than $1 million). Few private clients can trade here. Therefore, IQ Option summarizes customer forecasts and offers leverage that helps to trade Forex even with minimal rates.

We cannot tell you about a strategy that will always be profitable. But there are a few rules that can help reduce risks.
• Learn the maximum amount of information. A careful analysis of each transaction will help increase the number of positive forecasts. Therefore, analyze the news background, collect information and draw conclusions.
• Limit the deposit - the amount that you put on your trading account with a Forex dealer. After all, you can lose this amount at any time. All the time, trading in plus will not work, losses are inevitable. But the Forex dealer will not allow you to lose more than what you have on deposit, and go into minus. He will forcefully close the deal.
• Use stop-loss - automatic exit from the transaction. Forex programs usually allow you to limit losses on the transaction. This option is called stop loss. This opportunity should be used if you do not want to lose the entire deposit immediately. Stop-loss allows you to automatically close the transaction when the loss reaches the limit you set.

It depends on the number of successful transactions. Many professional traders earn in the foreign exchange market for a long time. But the average percentage of profit depends only on changes in quotes. Most often, one transaction brings no more than 30% of the profit.

We have already said that the profit from trading binary options on one transaction reaches 70-80 percent, and on Forex - about 30%. But many British users choose the foreign exchange market because of its reliability. As a rule, there is a long time for expiration, which makes it possible to make a better forecast, and the results cannot be falsified or distorted. Forex is a less risky and more reliable (albeit less profitable) way to make money.

Almost every day there are new strategies. This is good because the ability to "keep abreast" makes the trader successful. But remember that there is no 100% reliable strategy that always makes a profit. You must learn to study each situation individually, analyze errors and make changes. However, today there is a list of popular strategies for the end of 2019.
• Oracle. The trading system "Oracle" refers to a non-indicator. Their advantage is that there are no delays from the signals of indicators, which means that you can go at the very beginning of the movement and get the maximum profit.
• FxMax5 - indicator switch system, which is based on the principles of market trend. The most favorable trading situations for this strategy are when there is a pronounced trend in the market.
• The main indicator, from which the whole algorithm of the Step trading strategy begins to be built, is BBands_Stop_v1. The tool is trending, so the whole strategy is expected to show the best results when there is a steady trend in the market.
• FXMath Pip Generator Strategy. Semi-automatic, because it allows the work of an adviser, but leaves "room for maneuver." It enables the British trader to decide on entering the transaction on his own.
• Parabolic SAR and MACD are extremely simple, understandable, profitable and affordable because the indicators used are classified as standard and are in the list of options of the IQ Option platform.
• Guppies. This name was given to the strategy in honor of the Australian professional trader Daryl Guppy, who earned a large fortune on Forex.

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