IQ Option company and Bitcoin trading in the UK

Starting the road to success with Bitcoin and the IQ Option platform

Great Britain is a powerful state with a great history and a powerful economic potential.

Once the English fleet was the largest and most powerful in the whole world, and the country's colonies were located all over the world. Today, this time is already in the past, but the United Kingdom still honors traditions and respects history. This is good, but history will not bring you much money. In the modern world, it is very important to keep abreast and feel the rhythm of new technologies.

Bitcoin is a great example of how many owners have become millionaires with minimal investment. 

Once (in 2009), one coin cost only a few cents, but today you can buy Bitcoin for at least $9,000. However, do not despair, you still have the opportunity to capitalize on this popular cryptocurrency. Today, every UK user has access to the Internet and can start trading anytime, anywhere. You just need to choose a quality platform that has the most benefits. This is an IQ Option.

Leader principle

According to 2019 information, the transaction amount of IQ Option exceeded $350 million. 

This is an indicator of one of the leaders in the segment. But the platform is a young company - the service was registered on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013. However, today the site users are more than 40 million people. Simple rules of success help to win the difficult struggle for leadership with other companies: “the client of the platform must be reliably protected, satisfied and must be able to honestly earn money.” A careful approach to functionality, safety, and ergonomics have allowed to gain popularity among traders and create an excellent reputation.

Start to buy bitcoin in UK with a leading broker
Start to buy bitcoin in UK with a leading broker

IQ Option client remains satisfied

Of course, the British Bitcoin trader can choose any service available today - there are dozens of different platforms and platforms on the Internet. 

But he will make the right decision if he chooses IQ Option as a partner. 

Because this company always offers more than its competitors.


There are many positive reviews of the site on the Internet. Moreover, on thematic forums, you can read the opinions of real customers who will talk about the strengths of the company. And this is not a fake - so many people cannot be wrong. Today, over 40 million customers, including Malaysian traders, are registered on the IQ Option website.

Fraud protection

Nobody wants to be the victim of a scam or cybercriminal, right? Therefore, the IQ Option service provides a high degree of protection to its customers. 

For security, modern SSL 3.0 protocol is used with complex dynamic 256-bit code. 

This cipher is almost impossible to crack, so the hacker will not get access to your data (personal information, transaction details, credit card passwords, etc.). We also recommend reading the “Term & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” documents for more information (link at the bottom of the site).


Of course, you can also make big money in illegal business. But breaking the law is not permissible. IQ Option company has all the necessary licenses, officially operates under the international regulator and pays taxes. Therefore, your profit will be legal, and trading - a legitimate occupation.

Convenient registration

Every British can take the first step towards financial success with only $10 in his pocket. The registration option is available to all adult users and is free. You just need to go to the official website and spend a few minutes to provide personal data and agree with the terms and conditions of the company.

Convenient usability

The company’s official page was developed by professional designers and programmers. Optimal usability will help you quickly find the right section and start bidding even for those British users who do not have rich computer experience. Moreover, the page has several language versions, which makes trading as comfortable as possible.

Several hundred assets

Yes, a British trader gains access to a large number of assets. Each client can choose the tool that he liked. The user has at his disposal popular currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin), stocks, raw materials, precious metals, etc. You can make money in the area about which you receive the most information.

Big profit

Many professional British traders on the site have made binary options trading the main source of income. This was made possible thanks to high profitability for each transaction and quick processing of teams. The average profitability of a successful transaction is 70-80%, and daily profit can reach 200-300%.

Mobile app

Trading is now available in any convenient place thanks to a high-quality mobile application. The program is available for download for free and works with all modern phones or tablets (iOS and Android). Good optimization and stable operation make it possible to provide an excellent connection even with the poor Internet, which makes trading as convenient as possible.

Demo account

This option is available to all customers of the company. After activating the demo account, 10,000 virtual dollars are credited to the account of the British trader. This money is used to complete transactions on the IQ Option platform. This approach allows you to try different strategies and choose the best option without risking losing real money.

Easy deposit

At the disposal of the British user the most modern, reliable and convenient payment systems. 

IQ Option cooperates with the banking systems Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, e-wallets PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, and Blockchain or CoinBase. 

The minimum deposit is $10. Moreover, the money will be credited to the account in a few minutes, and the user does not have to pay a commission.

Payout Verification

A precautionary measure that eliminates the risk that the fraudster will get the profit, not the client. When withdrawing money, the British trader must go through the verification procedure. He provides copies of documents (passport or driver’s license) to security officers. The staff of the company carries out the analysis within 36 hours. Now, profits will be paid only to verified accounts with a confirmed first and last name.

24-hour work

The IQ Option platform is open 24/7 unlike standard exchanges (Tokyo, New York, London). The exception is the Forex exchange, which is open from Monday (0.00) to Friday (24.00). Thanks to this schedule, a British trader can earn on Bitcoin trading at any convenient time, even after the main work.


A unique IQ Option offer that allows you to compete with real traders. Each participant buys a starting ticket for $4-20 and receives a deposit of 1000 virtual dollars. His task is to earn the greatest profit in the indicated period. The prize pool of such tournaments can reach $20,000, so there is a chance to earn big money with minimal investment. Besides, there are free tournaments with a good prize pool.

The large set of settings

Trading can be not only effective but also convenient thanks to IQ Option. Each user has the opportunity to add to the chart those signals and indicators that he needs - the site offers excellent customization and a good set of settings.

Automated trading

The user can connect a special program that will work 24/7 - the IQ Option website offers British traders this opportunity. A special robot with a large number of settings can select and offer the most profitable deals, close them with millisecond accuracy and make money without pauses.

Premium account

Another interesting offer for IQ Option customers. The owner of a premium account gets great opportunities: to participate in premium tournaments, the help of a personal manager, transaction insurance, an increased percentage of profit, priority in the queue for paying profit. Together with such a platform, a user from the UK always gets more.

Information Section

Thanks to a special section on the website, you will be informed about the latest trading news. The British client can click on the link located at the bottom of the site and gain access to important information. Here you can read tips and stories of professional traders, an analysis of popular strategies and other useful information. Keeping abreast of success is the motto of IQ Option customers.

Create an IQ Option account and become a bitcoin trader with the best conditions
Create an IQ Option account and become a bitcoin trader with the best conditions

Bitcoin F.A.Q.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency created in 2009 by a group of developers from Japan. This currency works through mining, and transactions in the BTC network occur on a peer-to-peer basis (direct transfer of funds from one user to another, without the participation of third parties and regulatory authorities in the form of banks, the state, etc.).

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency runs on blockchain technology using the SHA-256 hash function, which fundamentally distinguishes it from all previously created electronic currencies and payment systems. The Bitcoin blockchain (BTC) is not tied to any physical assets or “official” fiat currencies. The price of a BTC digital coin is regulated only by market supply and demand, similar to gold.

The cost of one coin at the beginning of 2009 was several cents, but already in 2012, the price rose to $20,000. Such a great demand for a coin was due to the list of advantages that Bitcoin provides.

• Lack of control. Millions of computers that mine bitcoins are part of the system. No one has the opportunity to dictate their terms to cryptocurrency owners.

• Easy to use. It takes about 5 minutes to create a BTC wallet that will be ready for immediate use. You won’t be asked anything, you don’t have to pay a dime. Besides, a transaction from Britain to the United States takes a few minutes, not days (as with standard bank transfers).

• Anonymity and transparency. A bitcoin wallet is completely anonymous and at the same time completely transparent. It is very simple to create a great many wallets without indicating your name, phone, etc. But the entire transaction history is stored on the bitcoin network. If you publicly advertise that this wallet is yours, then anyone can find out all your transactions and the number of BTC in your account, to ensure anonymity, you need to use one wallet for one transaction.

• Secure transactions. Transactions cannot be canceled, frozen, revoked or canceled unless the user has a special unique key for each coin.

Cryptocurrency appears through the efforts of customers using it, allocating computing power to process all transactions. Bitcoin does not have a transaction processing center, so users take on the task of providing computing processes. For the waste of the resource of their computer, they get a strictly defined amount of BTC. In total, up to 3600 currency units can appear per day.

You can purchase the first cryptocurrency in various ways (except for mining):

• Buy on the cryptocurrency exchange. It offers a good course, but transaction processing time can be long;

• Blockchain. A special program with a convenient interface and a good course. We recommend using Blockchain or CoinBase - IQ Option works with these applications.

A currency that is not backed by traditional resources and capable of self-reproduction through the execution of certain programs on the computers of network users will instantly depreciate.

To prevent this, an artificial restriction has been created that prevents the number of Bitcoins in the world from becoming more than 21 million. All these millions are financial transactions on the network that are reliably provided with computer capabilities. To date, 14 million have been mined. Due to the constant complication of the mining algorithm, the latest Bitcoin will be issued in 2140.

The IQ Option platform offers users from the UK a large number of opportunities for earning on cryptocurrency.

• Forex market. International Currency Exchange, where the user earns from speculation. The basic principle is to predict the situation and determine the lowest point of the coin value. At this point, you need to buy Bitcoin and sell it at a higher rate;

• Binary options. This option has a higher profit margin but offers greater risks. There are many strategies (Call/Put, Touch/No-Touch, In/Out, Spread, Turbo-Options, Digital-options) that the British trader can use to achieve success.

The first factor. British law recognized Bitcoin as legal currency. This means that coins can be used to pay for goods, services, as well as trading for profit. The second factor is that IQ Option has all the necessary licenses and legally operates in the UK. Therefore, each client can earn a lot of money on the IQ Option website, without fear of violating the laws of the country.

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