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IFM Awards 2015
Best mobile trading
We are all living in a world where mobility matters most. The IFM Awards celebrated our excellence in providing mobile services to the European market.
IFM Awards 2015
Global Brands Magazine
Fastest growing
binary option brand
Global Brands Magazine, Britain's reputable brand observer, awarded IQ Option along with a number of outstanding European brands - an achievement worth working for.
Global Brands Magazine

IQ Option Affiliate Program

Taking a share of the broker’s profits is the most profitable affiliate program available. We give all of our affiliates 50% revshare from broker activity over the lifetime of the trader’s account.

Why IQ Option Affiliate?

Regular Payments

We automatically transfer your revshare earnings to your chosen payment account twice a month.

No Balance Deductions

You’ll never have a negative balance as a revshare affiliate. The money you make is made up entirely of profits.

Cross-Platform Support

The revshare affiliate program is available as a web version and a mobile app. Drive traffic from all your revshare marketing channels effectively.

Multi-Language Brand

IQ Option is used by millions of customers, speaking 13 languages across 175 countries. Our customers always come back to our trading platform for more.

Universal Links

We detect your users’ language, location and device before sending them to the appropriate landing page.

Clear Analytics

IQ Option allows you to analyze your revshare marketing results using a range of reports and data filters.

Best Affiliates Around

And that’s just based on the statistics for the last 30 days! Join our revshare affiliate program to work closely with the best of the best.

Receiving Payments is Fast and Easy

We send revshare affiliate earnings directly to a chosen online payment account twice a month, within three business days

In relation to the revshare services offered on this website only, you are granted limited non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to use the IP provided on this website for non-commercial and personal purposes.

IQ Option CPA is Easy to Use

Sign Up Users

Simply sign in to the IQ Option CPA program and tell us where and how you are advertising. You will then receive a link you will be able to post to your chosen online media

Track Users Trading

The users brought into the IQ Option CPA platform can start trading with a demo or live account straight away. We have made the trading experience on the IQ Option CPA platform and engaging as possible for both beginners and professionals.

Earn Money

The moment a user makes an initial deposit, you instantly earn up to $130. Trading can begin with as little as $10 — it’s as easy as that to make money with the IQ Option CPA.

Why Is Marketing Our Platform Worth It?

Ease of Use

The platform is extremely user-friendly and clients, can begin with a deposit of just $10.


Our user-friendly, intuitive interface makes IQ Option the most advanced trading platform in the world. Making analyses and predictions is possible, thanks to a wide range of tools.


24/7 support in the native language of traders. The trading zone is localized for different languages, and a huge knowledge database includes video tutorials.


Trusted by millions around the world, IQ Option Europe LTD is a fully regulated online broker.

What Makes IQ Option CPA Special?


Detailed statistics are delivered in real time, grouped together by device, operating system and browser.


IQ Option CPA accepts traffic from more than 180 countries around the world.

Promo Materials

We give IQ Option CPA affiliates a huge selection of promotional materials, banners, landing pages and videos in several different languages — providing truly global coverage.


Fast payments via several online payment systems. Affiliate program payouts can be made on demand.

Regular Updates

We keep IQ Option CPA affiliates updated on all events, including user registrations, initial deposits, app installations and a great deal more.

Generating Traffic

We work with traffic from all the major operating systems, including iOS, Windows and Android. We know how to convert traffic into cash.